Guiding Questions

How can I bring silence and stillness into my hectic life as a law student? What drives me to seek this silence? How do I stay faithful to a contemplative practice when my daily life activities and obligations seem so all-consuming? What do I see in the Church? In God? Why go to Mass? These questions will change with time, as my journey progresses. This blog documents my struggle with practicing what I preach, so to speak -- my struggle to keep God in the center of my life. At times, I may fail; indeed, I often will. My hope is that both my successes and failures will lead me toward greater authenticity, understanding, and love.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Blog Post #1: About Me


My name is Monica Olsson; I am a new transfer student at USF, majoring in Politics with a hopeful minor in Theology and Religious Studies (I still need to talk to the Theology and Religious Studies department about this). I grew up on the Peninsula, and still live in Woodside. I went to an international school on Vancouver Island for two years instead of my last year of high school, where I received an International Baccalaureate diploma instead of a high school diploma; then I studied at the University of British Columbia for two years, before leaving in 2005 to take time off school and come back to California.

I lived in San Francisco for about a year before realizing that despite my best efforts, I am not truly a city person at heart and desperately need to be surrounded by trees and nature on a regular basis; hence, my move back down to Woodside to live with my parents. After being away from school for far too long, and sorely missing the academic world, I decided to take two Politics classes at USF as a visiting student last term (Spring 2007) as a test run, to get myself ready to go back to UBC in Vancouver. After falling in love with my classes and with USF, I applied for transfer admission and gained entrance to USF...and here I am, very excited to finally be a full-time student again!

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