Guiding Questions

How can I bring silence and stillness into my hectic life as a law student? What drives me to seek this silence? How do I stay faithful to a contemplative practice when my daily life activities and obligations seem so all-consuming? What do I see in the Church? In God? Why go to Mass? These questions will change with time, as my journey progresses. This blog documents my struggle with practicing what I preach, so to speak -- my struggle to keep God in the center of my life. At times, I may fail; indeed, I often will. My hope is that both my successes and failures will lead me toward greater authenticity, understanding, and love.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Note on the 2007 Postings

I originally began this blog as an assignment for a compulsory Computer Science class. After abandoning it for some years, I decided to re-purpose it as a blog documenting my spiritual life. With a nod to Bernard Lonergan's transcendence, in which one continually strives to surpass, yet encompass, all one was before, I decided to retain my Computer Science posts intact. Though the subject matter is entirely different, the CS posts reflect who I was and what I was doing at a particular stage in my life. Not a Lonergan expert, I cannot claim that is what Lonergan intended when he described transcendence. Nonetheless, the past remains, and I wish to acknowledge this blog's beginnings as well as its future. Let this post, then, mark the curtain between the old and the new.

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